Vents His Vent. (Originally written December 16th, 2013.)

Another School, another easily accessible gun, anther young man dead (Who it would seem on paper was quite mentally healthy.) and more people shot. It seems the pattern here with young people is when you get upset, you can grab the family weapon head on over to your school and make sure the whole world knows just how mad you are. How that ever became a thinkable option will forever be beyond me, but the bigger question is why? Who’s to blame? Media? The 2nd Amendment? Parents? Video games? Mental Illness? Social Media? Older generations can’t even begin to understand how much different life is for young people than it was for them with the advent of all new forms of communication, so how do we change an entire moral structure that was established pre-mass communication? How do we combat negative aspects of a cultural shift that has progressed at a rate 100 times faster than that of the industrial revolution? Remember when cigarettes weren’t dangerous? It’s a different world, your cell phone is a few key punches away from telling 1,000 people how you feel at any given second without having to think about the consequences. Kids today are faster then the adults of today could have ever been but it’s still the adults job to lead, but they are leading younger generations with a blindness because they can’t possibly know the results of all that has changed has had on our youth. So the young man grab’s a gun and he vents a vent the world will see, the most memorable of Tweets.