A fascinating article about one of my all time favorite songs made me think about art today.  As is often the case with so many things, physical, visual, audio, verbal, and so on I was inspired to think further.  The idea this song could have been covered millions of times made me wonder why in music it’s acceptable to “cover”, yet visual art tends to be protected by some unwritten rule that you CANNOT attempt to cover someone else’ work…  Yet, we all do.  I am inspired profoundly, daily, constantly, incoherently by the work of others.  It lives in every piece I’ve ever done.  But to blatantly claim a work of art as a “cover” in the visual arts world would mean career suicide.  Why?  If Buckley can take what Cohen created and lift that piece to a height that is inarguable a more profound and lasting work of art, then why are we as visual artist so afraid to attempt the same?  I’m never ashamed to say where and who I’ve been influenced by.  I’ll never be to-cool to admit that I was inspired by someone else’ work.  I admire that about music.  I would be thrilled and honored to no end to know something I created had been covered, and even improved!  I find it funny when artists that live on the highest of horses also claim to be starving.  Maybe it’s time the “Art World” starts looking at some clues from other art world’s models of success.  Just a thought.  And a very interesting read: